What Keeps you Awake at Night?


Running a business is a 24/7 kind of thing. You are never not working, not really.

After you leave the factory, shop, office at the close of business there are still 101 things to take care of. The accounts need to be done, the staff rotas won’t do themselves, you need to check on something Johnny did, oh and someone said there was no milk in the staff kitchen.

It makes sense to get off the treadmill and spend a little time thinking about how you can organise yourself in a way that gets your business helping you.

At PML Accountants and Business Advisors we specialise in setting up systems which free up more of your time to deal with the really important stuff. You will have the time to find new, and look after existing customers while we take care of the boring stuff behind the scenes.

We listen to what is important to you and then help you set up a system which processes the bookkeeping with as much involvement from our staff as you want. We will be there to help and advise but we can just roll our sleeves up and get on with it if that suits you better.

To transform your business and lifestyle with an online accounting system…