A Helping Hand in a Time of Crisis

Josh from PML Supporting Paul from Courts Garage

“I have been constantly impressed with the level of customer service and knowledge PML provided and look forward to the peace of mind it provides into the future.”

Turning a Rocky Road into a Clear Path

Many people have started their business journey without thinking about records. The result is piles of paper in no order and in on case a sense of despondency and anxiety.

‘Paul’ had operated his business for 18 months before we met him and had nothing but invoices and bank statements. He didn’t know where the business was financially, he suspected it might be in a mess but without knowing how big a mess or what he needed to do to get out of the mess.
Paul concentrated on the day to day with only himself to rely on, so when help was offered, he was quick to accept, without question.

We immediately went to work, discovering that Paul was very late registering for VAT. He was very anxious even to the extent of contemplating throwing in the towel altogether.

This would have been a disaster for Paul who had taken the plunge and committed his future and savings to his new venture and would be facing a very difficult time winding the company up and dealing with a liquidation while trying to find a new job.

We supported him, got him up to date, implemented processes and system to ensure it would never happen again.

If you have ever found yourself in the situation that Paul did, don’t worry, not only are you not alone but help is at hand…

Want to feel relaxed about where the business is financially and where it is going?