Bookkeeping on the Move


At PML Accountants we are committed to helping your business help you. One of the many ways that we can do this easily is by taking away the drudge of keeping records by setting you up with one of our online packages.

We use Xero as the centrepiece of our systems accompanied by Receipt Bank and other apps as required. Xero is, in our opinion, the leading cloud software and it is continually being improved to provide the best experience for its users.

We always have our phones to hand and using the Xero app which can be accessed via the PML app you can keep the records up to date wherever you are. Click here to download on android and here for the i store.

Using the well laid out screens you can view your account balances, raise and send customers quotes and invoices and enter purchase invoices. You can even catch up with your bank reconciliation.

The Xero app gives you even more control over your business and allows you to make use of the spare 15 minutes when you are waiting for something or somebody.

So – Instead of wasting your time worrying about sending out bills when you get home do it while you drink that coffee and put your feet up instead.

To use less time bookkeeping and get more control over your business…