Sales Boost

Gareth QualityCERT

PML have transformed our accounting system allowing us to focus on selling our services, resulting in over 32% increase in sales.

Sales Boost

QualityCERT provide high quality training and consultancy for ISO standards. They use automated systems to deliver their services, however their accounting system relied on spreadsheets and manual entry. As a result Gareth would spend a day just before the quarterly VAT return deadline rushing to update the accounts in order to complete the VAT return. To quote, “Its crazy, our business operations are automated but the way we keep our accounts is laughable – it’s all last minute and we never get time to analyse anything”.

PML implemented a cloud-based software package linked to a bank feed with automated receipt processing. 

“PML are a breath of fresh air, using the most up to date technology they have transformed our accounting system and given us tools to analyse and improve our business, the result is over 32% increase in turnover this year.

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