Tax Trauma

“PML accountants have a personal, proactive approach to help guide us with the financial running of our organization and they are always available to answer any of our queries.”

Tax Trauma

Natalie had run her business for a few years before she first met Phil. She was struggling with the administration and dealing with some legal matters and HMRC. This left her with little time to concentrate on the business itself.

Every three months the gathering of paperwork to generate the VAT return was an unwelcome chore that was avoided until the last minute when the part time bookkeeper had carrier bags of paper dumped on him and little time to process it. With no time to review the information the filing of the return was always on the deadline. Stress levels rose and tempers frayed.

We reorganised the structure at the outset and set up a new limited company to operate the rapidly growing trade in a much more tax efficient way.  Over time we convinced Natalie that there was a much better way to keep the records and manage the finances.

We replaced the bookkeeper and the quarterly stress with our in-house service utilising a cloud-based software package with a bank feed and automatic receipt processing.

The new system runs smoothly, provides management information when required and allowed Natalie to concentrate on generating 32.5% more sales since our involvement was increased.

To transform your old school paperwork into an automated stress free system