Cloud Accounting Software Videos


Welcome, Josh here from PML Accountants. Here I share the best tips and advice for using our cloud accounting software for your business. You will find videos related to Xero, Dext and Openspace.
Furthermore, as Xero Gold Partners, PML have several expert advisers on hand to answer any of your queries.


Xero Videos:

Find out how to use Xero to track Sales and create and manage invoices:

  • How to view an overview of sales activity
  • Learn how to setup and customise a new sales invoice using Xero
  • Send an invoice easily to your clients via email
  • Find out how to attach additional details to your invoices
  • How to confirm payments received
  • Setup automatic invoice payment reminders to clients

Learn how to use Xero to track and manage Purchases:

  • How to view an overview of billing activity
  • Find out how to access a summary of outstanding bills
  • Learn how to create a new bill using the Xero dashboard and other methods
  • Understand the options for receiving purchase information

Setting up Xero bank feed and reconciling transactions:

  • How to set up the bank feed to get updated information daily
  • Find out how to match purchase and sales transactions to the bank roll
  • Learn how to reconcile mismatches
  • How to enter part payments in Xero

Dext Videos:

How to use Dext to save masses of time on data entry:

  • How to upload purchase and expense information onto the system
  • Find out about the various methods to upload including direct upload, emailing, using an app and invoice fetch
  • Learn how to use Dext invoice fetch to dramatically reduce time on manual operations
  • How to use supplier rules to catagorise and automatically push data onto your bookkeeping system

Josh talks through how simple and time efficient it is to capture, analyse and store all your business expenses with the easy to use Dext mobile app.

Iris Openspace Videos:

IRIS OpenSpace link:

To view, send, receive and approve files, we use IRIS Openspace. This video shows you how simple it is to use.