Tired of Unexpected Tax Bills?


Are you dreading the annual visit to your accountant to cart boxes of paperwork up the stairs to his office and sit there squirming while he rubs his hands together anticipating the hours he can bill you for sorting out the jumbled pile that has just landed on his desk?

Do you leave that visit until the last minute knowing that you probably get charged extra for taking it to the wire?

After you leave do you dread the sight of the accountant’s telephone number on your phone and the ensuing conversation delivering the bad news in the form of his bill and the huge bounty due to HMRC?

I’ll let you in on a secret…

NONE of that is necessary.

You don’t need to leave it so late.
You can virtually eliminate the boxes of paper records that you must store for 6 years.
It’s never been easier to keep the business bookkeeping up to date.
You can pay your accountancy fees, fixed annually in advance, monthly by direct debit.
There is no need to wait until payment is due to know your taxation liabilities.

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