From 24/7 to Sundays to yourself

PML Supporting David of Lloyds Mini Bus Hire

“I would like to thank all at PML Accountants for dragging me kicking and screaming into the computer age.  My time is now MINE!”

From 24/7 to Sundays to yourself

Sometimes our clients don’t even know they have a problem. Take David for example. David, as more people than care to admit it, kept his records badly on a spreadsheet. He thought this would save him time but in reality, he spent most of Sundays, slaving at a computer.

While it’s difficult for any of us to change old habits, the turning point came when David dreaded one Sunday morning to many. Spreadsheet day had become a black day for David because he’d switch his screen on at 9am and find any excuse not to deal with it during the day which meant that it was still there waiting for him at 5.30pm.

PML gave David the tools and supported him in automating 80% of everything that was holding him back. In his own words “Gone are the days of spending five hours every Monday night entering all the recipes and jobs done into different books, checking figures on the old calculator and then re-checking again and again because I’m a bus driver not a mathematician. No more at the end of every three months spending days over the dreaded VAT. I now do it all in minutes”.

Five hours every week and three days every three months adds up to 50*7-hour days per year. That’s an extra 7 weeks free time.

As a result, he now spends a few minutes a week on a Monday keeping his records up to date. However, the real issue was the length of time that it took him to recognise that there was an issue to begin with.

Many of our clients tell us that they feel this way…

If you are business who is struggling for time due to an unnecessary admin treadmill, PML can help lift this weight from your shoulders