Online Cloud Accounting – Purchase Records


Why the Cloud?

At PML Accountants we are committed to helping your business help you. One of the ways that we can do this easily is by taking away the headache of keeping records by setting you up with an online accounting system.

We use Xero as the centrepiece of our systems accompanied by Dext. Xero is in our opinion the leading cloud software and it is continually being improved to provide the best experience for its users.

Purchase Records.

Purchase records are the worst. Boxes of invoices which have to be kept for 6 years to satisfy HMRC, pages of listings or multiple spreadsheets documenting the date, supplier, total, vat and net purchase amounts and then columns of analysis to split the figures up into expense categories.

And then you do the same thing all over again to record how and when each bill was paid.


Scan or photograph purchase invoices into the Dext system and shred any paper copies. No need for six years of paper hanging around!

What we can do to help…

We help you set up the online systems to automatically process invoices from trusted suppliers without intervention.

You can easily allocate the invoices to the correct expenditure category…

…and you can view outstanding invoices on the Xero dashboard.

For an overview of the purchase system click here.

To transform your business and lifestyle with an online accounting system…