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Why the Cloud?

At PML Accountants we are committed to helping your business help you. One of the ways that we can do this easily is by taking away the headache of keeping records by setting you up with an online accounting system.

We use Xero as the centrepiece of our systems. Xero is, in our opinion, the leading cloud software and it is continually being improved to provide the best experience for its users.

It is also available on all platforms and you can access it from your desktop, tablet or mobile phone, allowing you to keep on top of your bookkeeping with little effort.


Client Story.

Let’s look at Danny’s day before and after we set up his Xero system.


On the road early to get to his customer and his working day, Danny leaves the job after finishing and sets off to visit 3 customers to provide them with quotes. He eventually arrives at home and after a break to eat sets about writing up his.

They will be delivered or posted dependent on where the customers are. He will need to chase the quotes up by phone. He had taken the invoice to the completed job and collected a cheque from a satisfied customer. That will be banked when he can get to the local branch.


Danny now prepares his quote on the Xero app on his mobile phone and emails it to the customer before he leaves. Many of them accept the quote immediately and they agree a date for the work.

When the work has been completed the quote is made into an invoice and sent to the customer with Danny’s bank details for electronic payment. No more bank visits to deposit cheques!

View our “how to” video on our You Tube channel here.

To transform your business and lifestyle with an online accounting system…