Get the Most out of the Cloud – Part 1 – Online Accounting


At PML Accountants we are committed to helping your business help you. One of the ways that we can do this easily is by taking away the headache of keeping records by setting you up with an online accounting system.

We use Xero as the centrepiece of our systems accompanied by Receipt Bank and other apps as required. Xero is in our opinion the leading cloud software and it is continually being improved to provide the best experience for its users.

Raise invoices and send them to customers effortlessly, set up a bank feed to allow transactions to be imported daily with no manual intervention.

Configure the system to send statements and reminders at intervals of your choosing.

Add a direct debit app to automatically collect payments from your customers.

Have instant access to a list of outstanding invoices, sorted by age.

View our video on our You Tube channel here.

Scan or photograph purchase invoices into the system and shred any paper copies.

Set up the system to automatically process invoices from trusted suppliers without intervention.

Process payments to suppliers from within the system.

View outstanding invoices on the dashboard.

For an overview of the purchase system click here.

Reconcile your bank account with a few clicks of a mouse every day from the bank feed.

Click here for our video on the bank feed.

See all relevant information on the dashboard such as bank balances and totals of amounts owed in and out.

Have access to a list of reports providing up to date information on the business such as the ongoing profits and account balances, or anything you want to know.

To transform your business and lifestyle with an online accounting system…